LADA Platinum +
Mix Value Counting Machine
Counterfeit Detecting Function (UV, MG & MT)
Most advanced IR pictures scanning CIS system for checking fake bills and values
To check out different denomination Indian bill , when the bill value is different from the first counted bill denomination
To sum the total pieces and values of Indian bills.
Auto & Manual Start Counting Mode
Addition Function, Batch Function
Chained Note Detection
Size Detection, IR Detection
Half-Note Detection
LCD Display, Customer Display
Counting Speed 1000 Pcs/Min
Bank Note Size 110X50-190X90mm
Main Display TFT Display
Side display TFT Display
Hopper Capacity 200 Pcs
Stacker Capacity 200 Pcs
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 80W
Dimension 620X350X248mm
Net Weight 8 Kgs
Counterfeit Detecting Function (UV, MG, MT & IR)
UV: Fluorescent Detection.
MG: Magnetic Detection.
IR: Paper thickness-note struck together detection

Auto start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper and then machine will begin counting automatically.

Manual start counting mode: Put banknotes on hopper, and only after pressing the RESTART button can the machine begin to work.
Addition Function: Under this mode the new counted quantity will be added to the previous counted quantity.

Batch Function: Preset the counting number you need, machine will be stop when the preset counting number is reached. And machine will work again when the banknotes are taken off. Chained Note Detection (Two Sheets): When detects chained note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound.

Size Detection: Regarding the first banknote as the standard, the smaller note in width (2 mm difference) can be detected. Half-Note Detection: When detects half-note, the machine will stop and emit beeping sound.

With LCD display which make it quite beautiful. With emergency stop function, which increase the index of safety.
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